Northern Private Hospital is located in Epping and within Riverlee’s New Epping development, approximately 18 km from Melbourne’s CBD.

The private hospital is located at 12 Osburn Place, on the corner of Osburn Place and Norwell Street in Epping, Victoria. To get here you will need to enter from Cooper Street, travel down Grandstone Boulevard and then turn left into Osburn Place.

The suburb is currently known in Google Maps as Epping. It is located near Pacific North Shopping district and Epping Station.

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Co-located for your convenience

Northern Private Hospital is located adjacent to the 500-bed public Northern Hospital. The two facilities are connected via a link bridge, allowing patients and doctors to move easily between two hospitals as required.

New Epping Development

Located 18km from the CBD, New Epping will regenerate and transform 51 hectares of land into the new urban north for Melbourne, by creating a $2 billion mixed-use community spanning residential, commercial, healthcare and retail.