Sustainable design

As part of Ramsay Health Care’s commitment to sustainability, the Northern Private Hospital follows an environmentally conscious pathway. This effort has been from the early concept, design and construction phases through to opening, operation and beyond. It proudly has a 4 Star Green Star Rating.

The facility has been designed to mitigate risks from climate change and limit global warming impacts in both in design and operation. The building was built using cooling beams and features solar panels, LED efficient lighting, double-glazed windows and equipment to help with water conservation.


The Northern Private Hospital will be Victoria’s first “quiet hospital”. It has pioneered the latest digital devices for patient safety and quality, including a new communication system. The technology means less disruption for patients and faster communication between staff. Gone are the days when patients, and even staff, have to buzz a noisy call bell for assistance and hope it gets heard. Now, the message goes directly to exactly who needs to hear it.

The hospital smart communication devices link a patient’s call button, monitors and other safety equipment directly to the nurses looking after them. They also allow our nurses to immediately, and silently, call for additional assistance.